• February 8, 2021

For one hundred years, Doyle Cleaning Systems designed and built custom solutions for the graphic arts industry to reduce downtime and improve productivity and quality. 

Doyle Systems technology supports converters, sheetfed, and web printing presses with reliable units with specific characteristics for each industry segment. From the widely used powerful multimodal contact vacuum unit to the Contact-Free device for sensitive substrates such as plastics: PET, PE, PLA, PHA, films, foils, laminates, and non-woven. 

ROI within a few months in 24/7 operation.

Multimodal systems are suitable for web printing and the commercial and packaging industry. The exceptionally designed, powerful, even vacuum cleaning system works in tandem with the printing press at any speed removing surface clay and dust debris, and sheeter's slitting dust and lint. 

Doyle Systems' benefits are immeasurable and well known worldwide 

 The robust construction includes brushes coupled with highly polished milled groves metal plates that create a cyclonic turbulence action that delivers an efficient and instant cleaning action across the entire sheet without damaging the substrate surface.

Doyle Systems drastically reduces the VOC emissions in the pressroom.

Doyle systems' benefits are immeasurable and well known worldwide as they increase productivity and improve quality by drastically reducing the frequency of blanket cleaning cycles per shift. Along with the reduction of material waste and cleaning agent savings. 

These systems are suitable for any sizes of printing presses from Heidelberg, KBA, Manroland, and Komori.

One of the most successful and popular designed units is the Multimodal high-speed Web Cleaning System. This system designed to clean both sides of the web simultaneously has a unique combination of brushes, cyclonic air action for dust collection, and an antistatic device to dislodge and vacuum debris from the surface efficiently. The latest generation cyclone dust collector is self-contained, and the cylindrical filter is sealed by clamps at the top, preventing dust or debris from escaping into the plant environment. The Doyle Cleaning technology is also highly efficient for corrugated. 

Doyle Systems integrated designs improve productivity without increasing the equipment footprint in the pressroom.

If you wish to explore the possibilities to improve your productivity and reduce waste in your conversion and printing processes, please contact me by email or calling at (416) 697-8814. For further inquiries, please also contact our headquarters directly and speak with Nancy Zagar (330) 564-4000.

This exceptionally designed, powerful, sheet cleaning system works in tandem with the printing press at any speed


The author's first-hand field experiences expand several years in printing equipment installations, process optimization, and operator training. He is a G7 Expert in the field of colour management, process control and passionate about the latest printing technological innovations, with a particular interest in packaging manufacturing.