• August 26, 2015

G7 Methodology reduces material waste and improves productivity.

Have you wondered how to match the visual appearance of different processes such as Offset, Digital, Inkjet, Gravure, and Flexo? How to obtain and maintain a predictable colour reproduction time after time? Perhaps, you should consider enrolling in the upcoming training session and become a G7 professional or a Certified G7 Expert. You could also consider joining Idealliance online.

Drastic reduction of production cycles is one of the G7 Methodology's most significant advantages.  

The advantages and benefits of the G7 Methodology are excellent colour consistency and increased productivity by the drastic reduction of production cycles. The decrease of make-ready times increases productivity significantly and also reduces material waste.

G7 is a gray balance calibration methodology that is easy to implement and indispensable for a predictable visual colour rendering. Within various and multiple output devices, G7 allows consistently hitting clients desired colour targets. G7 aligns all output devices, substrates, and inks, applying to all reproduction technologies.

G7 is a reliable tool for digital and offset press operators, pressroom, prepress supervisors, technicians and quality assurance managers, printing equipment suppliers and print buyers.

About Don Hutcheson.

He is the creator and inventor of G7. Don Hutcheson delivers an engaging seminar with over 40 years of experience in photography, design, prepress, printing, and colour science. 

He coaches participants step by step to learn and practice hands-on the G7 Methodology.